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Competition Law

Advises clients on the application of the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act to mergers and acquisitions. Merger clearance work has included:

  • Pfizer Inc.’s acquisitions of Warner Lambert and Pharmacia; Pfizer’s sale of its Consumer Healthcare Business to Johnson & Johnson
  • Acquisitions by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. including The Pampered Chef, Shaw Industries, Fruit of the Loom and Benjamin Moore
  • Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. and its partners’ acquisition of Chrysler, and its acquisition of a controlling interest in GMAC
  • Assists businesses in complying with the Competition Act provisions that pertain to the marketing, pricing and distribution of products and services.
  • Provides advice in connection with the criminal and reviewable conduct provisions of the Competition Act.
  • Helps businesses to develop and implement corporate compliance programs to ensure that management and employees understand and comply with the Competition Act and other legislation.