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Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Advises clients on the regulatory regimes that apply to broadcasting and telecommunications and represents clients before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”), including:

  • Representing clients before the CRTC on policy matters, including revisions to CRTC policies for broadcasting distribution undertakings and specialty services, and its reviews of Canadian broadcasting in new media.
  • Preparing and filing license applications for broadcasting and distribution undertakings.
  • Representing investors and interveners in connection with CRTC applications filed by others.
  • Providing advice on Canadian ownership requirements under the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act.
  • Advising clients on the CRTC’s National “Do Not Call” regime for telemarketers.
  • Helping clients to follow and advocate for changes in legislation and policies, by participating in CRTC proceedings and government policy consultations.
  • Represented Cerberus in its purchase of Teleglobe, and the subsequent sale of Teleglobe to Tata Communications.
  • Advise new entrants on reseller agreements and related matters