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Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Advises clients on the regulatory regimes that apply to broadcasting and telecommunications and represents clients before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ("CRTC"), including:

Representing clients before the CRTC on policy matters, including revisions to CRTC policies for broadcasting distribution undertakings and specialty services, and its reviews of Canadian broadcasting in new media
Preparing and filing license applications for broadcasting and distribution undertakings
Representing investors and interveners in connection with CRTC applications filed by others
Providing advice on Canadian ownership requirements under the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act
Advising clients on the CRTC’s National "Do Not Call" regime for telemarketers
Helping clients to follow and advocate for changes in legislation and policies, by participating in CRTC proceedings and government policy consultations
Represented Cerberus in its purchase of Teleglobe, and the subsequent sale of Teleglobe to Tata Communications
Advise new entrants on reseller agreements and related matters